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Indira Gandhi National Open University – The journey of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) began in the year 1985. It began as a National Open University to provide higher education to everyone who wanted to study but couldn’t due to various reasons. Money plays a role every now and then, but most of the time it’s family obligations or a lack of time. The reasons may be numerous, but IGNOU is a helper in overcoming them. The two main problems, high costs and long wait times, are expertly handled by this institute.

IGNOU just received an A++ rating from the NAAC, which was another opportunity to add to the school’s long list of accomplishments.

In terms of Open Distance Learning and total enrollment, IGNOU has now surpassed all other universities in the globe. IGNOU is the first university to ever enrol as many people, with a total of 4 million students currently enrolled in this esteemed institution.

IGNOU has the potential to stand alone as a respectable remote education provider, thus it neither needs an introduction nor a welcome message. IGNOU has established itself in the sphere of distant learning not just in India but also globally. Due to IGNOU’s growing popularity, students both inside and outside of the country are expressing interest in continuing their study there.

The image below shows that IGNOU currently has an unbelievable success rate. If you’re still not convinced of this institute’s virtues, the most recent information will surprise you.

A 93-year-old student just earned a Master’s degree from IGNOU and made headlines all around the world. His long-term goal is to enrol in additional short-term courses.

Overview of IGNOU

Operating Areas Counting Numbers
School Of Studies 21
Learning Support Center 2667
Regional Centers 67
Faculty Member 810
Academic Staff 574
Overseas Partner 29

Purpose of IGNOU

Every organisation has a goal in mind when it is founded, and it works arduously to achieve it. Similarly, this remote learning university has revolutionised the lives of many who, for whatever reason, are unable to complete their education.

  • The institution’s mission is to provide top-quality education to all members of society, including the most disadvantaged groups.
  • At all levels and for a specified charge, this institution’s educational programme is supplied using cutting-edge technology.
  • While supporting open learning, the course curricula contain training sessions, top-notch methodology, and advanced training.

The IGNOU Selection Process

For all of the students in the globe, IGNOU offers an infinite number of degrees. Well, in this situation, the admission procedure and the ensuing tasks are what first cause the mind to race. In order to complete the task quickly and efficiently, let’s first comprehend the admissions process.

To begin, we would like to inform you that this university uses three procedures to determine admissions:

  • Direct Admission
  • Entrance Examination
  • Merit List (Limited)

We also want to make it clear that only a small number of courses require an entrance exam in order to qualify for admission, while the majority of courses offer a straightforward route to admission. The institution is now offering the Openmat entrance exam for the MBA programme, the IGNOU Bed entrance exam for enrolling in a Bed programme, and the IGNOU PhD entrance exam for enrolling in a PhD programme of interest.

List of IGNOU Entrance Exam conducted by IGNOU

  • IGNOU Openmat Entrance Exam 2022
  • IGNOU Bed Entrance Exam 2022
  • IGNOU PhD Entrance Exam 2022

The university’s IGNOU admissions form can be filed both online and offline. While the online form will only be accessible online, the offline form can be obtained from the IGNOU regional department. For IGNOU admission, it is generally advisable to use the online option over the offline one. This is supported by the fact that the process is quick and won’t cause any mess.

The Admissions Procedure for New Students

  • You must first move in the direction of the IGNOU website.
  • Search for Register Online and click the Admission link on the main page’s tabbed layout.
  • Start the registration process by entering the required information, including your name, gender, email address, user name, password, and the displayed security code, and then clicking “Submit.”
  • You have completed the registration process up to this point, so please log in and start filling out the application for the course you have chosen.
  • Enter the required papers in scanned format with a maximum 10KB size in the online application form.
  • Pay the application fee, which can be anywhere from 200 to 400 rupees, etc.
  • Following the successful completion of the payment, you will be given a control number here.

Take a printout of the submitted application form and the control number with you. After your provided documents have been verified, you will be given an enrollment number.

Courses Offered in IGNOU

IGNOU has been working toward the improvement of the students since the beginning of time. Due to this, it has taken steps to constantly introduce new courses in line with innovation and requirement. It is one of the most dependable and unmatched distance learning platforms where each student can choose the courses according to their job preferences. Here, anything is achievable with amazing quality, even earning a degree or a certificate. In summary, you can continue with IGNOU courses to earn a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, advanced degree, Ph.D., or other IGNOU courses. You must, however, meet the requirements in order to qualify for this.

  • If earning a bachelor’s degree is your goal, you will need a 10+2 passing certificate with at least 50% of the needed marks.
  • As opposed to the Master’s programme, which requires a Bachelor’s degree and 50% overall marks (minimum).

It is advised to thoroughly verify each element of the course’s eligibility structure for confirmation and to eliminate any potential confusion.

List of Other Courses Studied in the IGNOU University

Check out what extra courses are available to take in addition to those already mentioned:-

  • PG Certificate
  • PG and Advance Diploma
  • Doctoral Degree
  • Certificate Course
  • Non-Credit Programmes
  • Appreciation Programmes
  • Awareness Programmes

New Certificate Courses Launched by IGNOU

The institution will begin offering the following three new certificate programmes:

  • Certificate Course in the Arabic language
  • Certificate Course in the Russian Language
  • Certificate Course in Tourism Studies
  • MA in Journalism Mass Communication
  • BBA Service Management

The prerequisite for the aforementioned course is a 10+2 diploma. While most courses have no age restrictions, some do have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old. If you look closely, the goal of releasing the courses is to assist students in expanding their career trajectories. Additionally, kids are eager to learn new languages now. As a result, these certificate programmes last anywhere from six months to 1 year.

IGNOU Fees Structure 2022

The costs will vary because we have previously covered the full variety of courses the university offers. To give you an idea, depending on the course, prices can be anywhere between Rs 1200 and Rs 2500. Well, paying the fees all at once is not required. Students may pay their fees either annually or semesterly. If the candidate does not pay the complete course price, whether intentionally or not, he or she may be prevented from taking the exam.

Scholarship Programs of IGNOU

Plans for IGNOU Scholarships are available to everyone, but there are some limitations. Due to paying fees, many students find it difficult to continue their studies. Instead, IGNOU’s tuition costs are affordable given how many people are behind. According to the IGNOU’s goals and objectives, no student should be prevented from pursuing higher education. Therefore, all students who are eligible for the scholarship programmes, including those who are impaired, must complete the appropriate form as soon as possible.

Who is Exempt from the IGNOU Scholarship Plans?

  • SC/ST students who are already doing some job or are employed
  • Certificate and diploma students
  • Students having scholarship under any other program

Candidates with special needs are eligible to apply for the scholarship programmes. Receiving the scholarship

  • The applicant must be Indian.
  • The parent’s anticipated monthly income should be 3 lakh or less annually.

It is the students’ obligation to complete the scholarship application. The whole procedure will be carried out online. The goal of Annexure – 1 is to collect further information. If you previously registered, you must re-register in order to participate in the following year’s programme.

Facilities Available to IGNOU Students

  • Study Resources – IGNOU produces some of the best study materials that a student could possibly use in his class. The books and all of the content are excellent and sufficient to earn the highest grades. Additionally, these are regarded as supplementary resources for numerous civil and governmental examinations. Thus, the university will give the books and materials for any course you are considering enrolling in.
  • Placement Drive – As the IGNOU active placement cell will manage it, you don’t need to wander about the offices looking for employment. Every student will be placed, both offline and online. All students must now check the website promptly to find out which company is coming for recruitment and when.
  • Library – The library is available for use by all of this university’s regional centres. Regardless of how you registered for admissions—online or offline—this facility is for you. So, use it by going to the library and showing it to the staff. The IGNOU library is regarded as the best due to its magnificent book collection.
  • Faculty – Comparable to any Indian institution that has been approved, studying at IGNOU is now respected. Everything is expertly handled by the excellent teaching faculty team, from the books to the classes. Additionally, they upgrade the university’s course materials, evaluation methods, and several other areas.
  • Students Grievances Redressal Forum – There is nothing wrong with a student having questions or grievances. The university has set up a separate forum in consideration of the aforementioned. Students are free to approach and ask specialists to help them with their issues.

It is simple to say that choosing to study at IGNOU will not be a mistake for anyone in the final analysis. The degree, diploma, certificate, etc. has the same validity as one from an Indian college, university, or institute that has been accredited. Maybe it would be right if you didn’t waste time pondering if your focus is on remote learning. The best part is that this university has fully embraced digitalization, ensuring that you will enjoy all of its advantages. Even better, the IGNOU tuition structure offers both scholarship and instalment options that make it very cheap. Every piece of information on this prospectus is consolidated on the IGNOU website. Nothing will be overlooked, including submitting application forms, downloading books, and the most recent upgrades.

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