IGNOU Admission Status 2022 (July – January): Check Registration Status

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IGNOU Admission Status July 2022 – Candidates can use this page to check the status of their IGNOU registration, admission, re-registration, and re-admission. Candidates must verify their registration or admission status after registering for a certain programme through IGNOU in order to determine whether their registration is legitimate and/or accepted by the IGNOU University. Candidates must first fill up an online application form at the IGNOU online admission website to be considered for admission.

All applicants must complete an application form for IGNOU Admission in the chosen programme made available by the university, and all applicants must submit all pertinent information about themselves, their education, and any supporting documentation in the form of scanned papers. IGNOU will accept applications if all information provided by candidates is written accurately and completely, but applications that contain inaccurate or missing information will be denied, or any discrepancies will be made known to the students.

IGNOU New Enrollment Number (10 Digits)

The system has been updated to allow students to check their admission or registration status for the January 2022 and July 2022 sessions using their IGNOU enrollment number, which has now been changed from 9 to 10 digits. The new adjustment will only apply to new students who were accepted during or after the January 2020 session. Candidates who were admitted during sessions that began earlier than January 2020 session will be able to check everything using their nine-digit enrollment number.

What is Control Number in IGNOU?

Here is the solution to your question about the control number whether you are a new student at IGNOU or want to apply for admission there. Following the payment of admission fees at the IGNOU Online Admission portal, IGNOU students receive a Control Number, an 11-digit code that is produced automatically. It is evidence that your online application for a certain programme has been received by the IGNOU Head Office. Candidates can follow their application using this number.

IGNOU Online Registration or Admission Status 2022

The university has updated the IGNOU Admission Status website to include applicants for the July 2022 and January 2022 sessions. New applicants can now enter their 10-digit enrollment number to check the status of their admission. If you apply through the university’s online admissions site, you must follow the instructions to find out the status of your application.

Click for IGNOU Online Admission Status 2022 (10 Digit Enrollment Number)

Go to the website of online status after clicking the link for admission status. Enter the control number that you were given when you submitted the online application. Your status will appear on the screen following the entry of the control number. If your admission is accepted and verified, you can begin your IGNOU studies. After a few days, you can check your status if the verification of your papers is ongoing.

Important Note – The confirmation of admission for the session in July 2022 may take longer than anticipated due to the enormous number of online applications. In order to track the progress of their online application, IGNOU students are urged to exercise some patience and routinely check their admission status.

IGNOU Registration Status by Name

You can check your current status from the status link below to begin your studies after completing the registration process for the chosen programme. The link to your enrolment number, which is useful going forward, is below. It is a 9 and 10-digit personal identification number that you can use to fill out exam forms, submit assignments, and receive results and grade cards.

IGNOU Admission/Registration Status July 2022 (Getting your Enrollment number)

To find out your admissions status, click the submit button after entering your Name, Program of Interest, Regional Center, and Date of Birth in the appropriate fields.

After providing all necessary information, if your registration is validated or accepted by the university, you will receive your enrollment number. Your enrollment number can be used for the exam, an online ticket, a result, a grade card, etc.

IGNOU Admission Status via Enrollment Number

If you are prepared with your enrollment number, click the link below to find out more about IGNOU registration. You can access all of the information about your registration, including your academic information, personal information, and vital links to verify how well your IGNOU programme is working for you, by clicking the link below.

Click To Check IGNOU Registration Details

IGNOU Re-Admission Status 2022

You can check your re admission status from the above website if you recently reapplied for admission to IGNOU due to the validity of your previous admission having expired. Please be aware that when the relevant department receives your application, the online update of your re admission status may not occur for a few days.

Click Here for IGNOU Re-Admission Status 2022

To check the status of re-admission, click the link above. You must type in your 9-digit enrolment number and click the “Submit” button. You can obtain confirmation from here if the university has granted your re-admission.

For those candidates who prefer to apply for the IGNOU Distance Education, all IGNOU status is provided here for various academic activities like IGNOU Admission, Re-registration, and re-admission. You can check the status of a course for which you have applied online from this page if you have done so in the offline mode.

Click Here to Check IGNOU Assignment Status

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